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Meet Mia

Massage Therapist

Mia has been working as a massage therapist since 2004.  She trained in Ithaca, New York at The Finger Lakes School of Massage and has helped people feel better in the USA, England, and New Zealand ever since.

She has a special interest in helping people manage chronic pain, jaw discomfort, diaphragm and breathing troubles, stability issues, and migraines.

Mia blends a number of specialist massage techniques in each treatment to create the ultimate balance between actual results you can feel combined with a wonderful massage experience.  She works closely with her clients on an individual basis to figure out what they need and what will work best for them and their lifestyle.


Why Massage Therapy?

It can help with


massage manipulates the muscles which helps to improve circulation and our blood flow 


muscles become more supple with massage, which aids our flexibility 


massage promotes relaxation and reduces muscle tension, which improves sleep 

Pain Relief

reducing the tension and increasing blood flow to our bodies, massage can significantly reduce pain


massage helps to reduce the stress hormones in the body


massage increases white blood cell numbers in our body, they help defend our bodies from illness


Massage Therapy

30 minutes - $70

45 minutes - $85

60 minutes - $100

75 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $145

$70 late cancellation fee applies when less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel or reschedule an appointment.


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